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Kathryn Senor Elementary

At  Kathryn Senor Elementary School, we are a dynamic learning community that sets the bar high for our students. With a focus on personalized instruction and innovative teaching methods, we are committed to providing our students with an exceptional education that prepares them for success in today's fast-paced world.

Our focus on digital literacy, utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative teaching methods,  prepares our students for success in a digital age. At KSE, students have the opportunity to explore digital resources, engage with our Innovation Station featuring various technologies including a 3-D printer, and participate in coding activities. Additionally, our annual Invention Convention allows students to unleash their creativity and inventiveness, honing the skills necessary for our evolving digital world.

At Kathryn Senor Elementary School, we prioritize Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Our character education program, RULER, provides dedicated resources for developing emotional intelligence and empathy. Through this program, our students learn invaluable skills such as navigating relationships, managing emotions, and building strong, healthy connections with others.

We also place a strong emphasis on Outdoor Education, organizing regular field trips and outdoor learning experiences to foster a deep appreciation for nature and the outdoors. Our ACES program, which is part of our specials class rotation, offers additional opportunities for students to engage in outdoor education, sustainability initiatives, and scientific exploration. 

One of our key features is the utilization of Riverside Middle School’s Gifted and Talented mentors, who work closely with students at KSE. This mentorship allows students to delve into topics of interest and receive enrichment, catering to the needs of our high-achieving students.

Our experienced and dedicated staff bring decades of expertise to the classroom, ensuring that each student receives the highest quality education possible. With a focus on innovation, excellence, and student-centered learning, Kathryn Senor Elementary School is the perfect place for children to thrive and grow.

News & Events

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KSE Award Winners

At the October 11 School Board Meeting, Kathryn Senor Elementary awarded Meggan Allen with the Student Success Award, Kelly Lord the Staff Success Award and ACES Educators Kenzie Loyd and Nadia Perez the Community Success Award! What amazing staff members we have in Garfield Re-2!

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Words of Kindness

See what our families are saying about Kathryn Senor Elementary!

The teachers are so caring and do a great job!

My son has learned so much from them...content and wellbeing!

My child loves going to school everyday...

I know her teacher and other support staff care deeply about her as a student and a child. KSE is welcoming and we love being a part of the KSE community!

They have great communication...

They really work hard at accommodating the needs of my kids.

Love KSE!

They have the best teachers, counselors, principal, and support staff!! Cafeteria food is good. Kids get plenty of time outside. Music and so many areas are encouraged by support staff. Could not be happier with KSE!!